In 2022 Loanboox crossed the milestone of 3000 closed transactions, representing almost CHF 30 billion in favour of municipalities, near-public entities and real estate companies. Whilst borrowing costs increased dramatically, for instance quadrupling in public sector in Switzerland, Loanboox’ 800 clients benefited from an easy access to 200 active investors and a digitally enabled service that saved them workload and money, up to CHF one million for the larger transactions.    

Loanboox entered the market six years ago with the vision to make debt capital markets more efficient, transparent and fast. To date, municipalities, cities, large companies, real estate companies and housing cooperatives have closed 3000 loans with a total volume of nearly CHF 30 billion. In 2022, 800 borrowers and 200 institutional lenders have used Loanboox’s products and services.   

Financing costs for public sector more than quadrupled  

Loanboox data shows that borrowing costs for the public sector in Switzerland increased significantly in 2022: In Q4 2022, the average interest rate offered for 10-year public sector loans increased by 1.7 percentage points, quadrupling compared to Q4 2021. For 5-year maturities, the average interest rate offered also increased by 1.7 percentage points in the same period, representing an even larger relative increase in interest costs. Loanboox helped its clients to navigate the uncertainty with hands-on transaction support as well as portfolio analysis to plan future debt financings adequately   

Real estate financing: CHF 250’000 savings per transaction

The higher the financing costs, the more worthwhile it is to compare options, as demonstrated by the newly created area of real estate financing at Loanboox: In 2022, real estate companies and housing cooperatives saved an average of 40% – CHF 250000 per transaction – with Loanboox. Clients include Ina Invest AG, Logement Idéal or the housing cooperative Aarau (ABAU). 

43 projects with attributable positive impact in 2022

In 2022, Loanboox closed a total of 591 financings in various sectors and countries. Of these, 43 financings with a volume of CHF 200 million are directly attributable to one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals : affordable housing, contribution to the energy transition, investment in health facilities and education projects. Since 2022, the label “Energiestadt” has been integrated on Loanboox. In addition, transparent processes enable borrowers to see the counterparties and terms before concluding a request, thus allowing them to include sustainable criteria in their decisions.

Expanding range of products and services   

In addition to providing easy and affordable financing, Loanboox has also expanded and developed its product offering in 2022 in the direction of debt management tools. Funds, real estate companies and large corporations and public-sector entities can thus manage their debt more efficiently and benefit from automation tools.   


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