Treasury Management International: Energy firm offers first ever entirely digitally-issued corporate bond

Treasury Management International: Energy firm offers first ever entirely digitally-issued corporate bond

Digitalisation comes to the corporate bond market as Swiss energy firm Axpo makes the first ever fully electronic issuance. The magazine treasury management international has written an article about the recently closed bond.

Switzerland-based energy group, Axpo Holding AG has become the first ever issuer of an entirely digital issuance of a corporate bond. Using the independent debt capital market platform, Loanboox, the issuance, it says, marks the first step towards digitalisation and new standards in transparency, pricing and allocation in the primary capital markets. 

Axpo’s seven-year green bond was over-subscribed, raising CHF133m (c.€123.4m). Some 35 orders were allocated to a range of institutional investors via the Loanboox platform in the 90-minute book-building window. The bond, which has a coupon of 1.002%, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Axpo will use the capital to finance projects in the photovoltaic and wind energy sectors.

Why digital?

[…] In the non-digital world, the lead bank calls potential investors for orders, but pricing is akin to a “black box” for them, and they may only get one chance to change their order, Bühler notes.

“Live book-building allows both parties to see the price developing; it’s much more like an open marketplace.”

With Axpo opting for green bond issuance, the transparency afforded by the platform correlates well with the compliance needs of ESG-driven investors, says Bühler. With both sides able to see all details of the issue in advance of the book-building day, oversight of the whole transaction is now possible.


Axpo Holding AG places first listed Green Bond via Loanboox

Axpo Holding AG places first listed Green Bond via Loanboox

Zurich, 15.07.2020. Axpo Holding AG is the first issuer to place a listed green bond entirely digitally via the independent debt capital market platform Loanboox.

The green bond for CHF 133 million and a term of 7 years was well received by investors in the capital market, and 35 orders got allocated. The energy group will use the capital to finance projects in the photovoltaic and wind energy sectors. The great interest shown by investors underlines the demand for sustainable investments and confirms Axpo’s strategy of profitable growth in renewable energies.

First fully digital corporate bond

The exchange-listed green bond was issued entirely digitally via the debt capital market platform Loanboox. In the dynamic and transparent Loanboox Live Bookbuilding® tool, investors set the price themselves. All process steps, deadlines and fees were known in advance to investors and issuer and were transparently visible at all times. Both sides were able to follow the order book in real time. The energy company placed the bonds with asset managers, banks, funds, pension funds and insurance companies. Martin Denkinger, Head Financing & Cash Management at Axpo, is very satisfied with the premiere:

The transaction via Loanboox worked smoothly and significantly increased transparency with regard to investors.

Important step towards digitalisation of the capital market

After successfully establishing itself as the leading platform in the field of municipal financing, Loanboox is now also digitalizing the bond market. Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox:

This first bond is a proof point that our digital process creates value for all market participants. We’re proud of the first deal and look forward to working with innovative clients and partners to set new standards in transparency, pricing and allocation in the primary market in Switzerland and in the EU.

Competent partners supported Loanboox

The Green Bond of Axpo Holding AG has a coupon of 1.002 percent. The bond will be listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Société Générale Paris, Zurich Branch as paying agent and listing partner, Deutsche Bank (London) as market maker, First Advisory Bond Services AG as holders representative and PwC Switzerland as due diligence agent acted as partners. Loanboox was also supported by Bär & Karrer AG as legal advisor in the transaction.

Contact person:
Martina Buehler, Head Marketing & Communication
Stefan Feller, Director Capital Markets
Talacker 50, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
+41 55 220 78 29

New Release May 2020

New Release May 2020

Loanboox works perfectly in all areas even during the Corona crisis. Our software development team has rolled out the new release from home office. Here are the most important changes.  


New design

There’s not much to explain – we hope you find it intuitive and you like it.  

Focus on relevant content: Our new blog

We will provide you with whitepapers, market information, factsheets and much more in our new blog. Come back regularly to check the news 

Lenny and Noa, our chatbots

The Loanboox family has grown: Lenny and Noa, our two virtual colleagues / chatbots. They are happy to answer your questions or forward them to the human colleagues. The chatbot tool is from the Swiss start-up Aiaibot. Try it out (just click on the head in the bottom right corner), there is a lot to discover 🙂  


New design

The platform also got a fresher look, a more intuitive user interface, simplified tab structures, action buttons and a revamped document center.


In order to be able to support you in the best possible way, we have introduced two new features: On one hand, you will find your direct contact person displayed on the start page. If you have any questions, you can always contact him or her via chat or call. On the other hand, there is a step-by-step assistant for the most important functions which should help you to get used to the new interface very quickly.

Specially intersting for borrowers: The portfolio

As of now, we offer our borrowers a portfolio. On one hand, you can see the most important facts about your previous financing requests at a glance (interest payment dates, expiration dates and volumes etc.), you can renew and find expiring loan tranches with just a few clicks. You can also add the loans closed outside of Loanboox, so that you have an overview about all your loans in your portfolio. On the other hand, you can find current market developments and interest rate overviews graphically displayed.

Specially interesting for investors: Investor profile and direct loans

Now you have the possibility to adjust your filter criteria in your investor profile according to maturity, currencies, segments, regions, etc. – so that they correspond exactly to what you are interested in and you will only be informed in case of matching requests. Loanboox has also launched a new product, direct loans. As an investor, you can reach a large number of borrowers in only one step and the borrowers can complete their offers in just two clicks; no tender, no effort, efficient for both contracting parties. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recommendation for all our users: Do not use IE 11 anymore

If you are still working with the Internet Explorer 11 browser, we strongly recommend that you update it or use another browser. Otherwise, the platform will no longer work as desired. By the way, this helps you for many other programs, too, not only for Loanboox. 

Refresher needed or get started right away? 

Apart from these adjustments, there are many other new features you can discover on the platform.

Would you like to learn more about the new release? We are happy to explain the functionalities in detail in a webinar or you can test it yourself directly on the new platform.   

– for registered users –

– for new customers and registered users –

Questions or remarks? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via chat or by phone (055 220 78 20). We look forward to working with you in the future to make the debt capital markets more accessible, efficient and transparent.


Your Loanboox-Team

Coronavirus: Loanboox platform works 24/7 and follows the recommendations of the FOPH

Coronavirus: Loanboox platform works 24/7 and follows the recommendations of the FOPH

Coronavirus: Take the situation seriously and follow the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Dear customers, partners, shareholders and friends of Loanboox,

The headlines are currently dominated by coronavirus. Capital markets show the same picture. Both the industrial and the service sectors are under pressure due to quarantines and fears of infection.

We at Loanboox are closely following the current developments, taking the situation seriously and implementing all the measures proposed by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in the best possible way.

Fortunately, we are not (yet) personally affected by the current coronavirus situation. Our employees are healthy, and the platform works reliably 24/7 and will continue to do so.

Being a young team, we are aware that we are privileged and would like to offer you our support. If you need assistance, we are here for you. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We wish you the best of health. Warm regards,

Your Loanboox-team


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New release is live!

New release is live!

New release: Chat feature, non-binding offers, information on partner services and many other features.

In the middle of the summer heat, our software development team has launched the new release. Among others, the following features were newly implemented:

  • Chat function on the platform: To ensure an even more uncomplicated exchange, direct communication among all platform participants is now possible.
  • Non-binding offers: It is now possible that investors can offer non-binding offers to better respond to the borrowers’ expectations. This option allows for more competitive offers, thus avoiding the borrower having to pay the cost for interest rate risks.
  • Information about partner services: To offer you the best service, we work with more and more partners. So that you do not lose the overview, the partner services are now clearly displayed in a list.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future to make debt capital markets more accessible, efficient and transparent.


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Milestone: Loanboox knackt die 25-Milliarden-Marke

Milestone: Loanboox knackt die 25-Milliarden-Marke

Milestone: Loanboox knackt die 25-Milliarden-Marke

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Hochhaus


Loanboox erreicht nächsten Meilenstein: Das globale Anfragevolumen auf der unabhängigen Fremdkapitalmarkt-Plattform hat die Marke von 25 Milliarden Schweizer Franken erreicht. Insgesamt wurden seit dem Start des Fintechs vor knapp drei Jahren Kredite in Höhe von 11 Milliarden abgeschlossen.

«Es freut mich sehr, dass Loanboox diesen Meilenstein in so kurzer Zeit erreicht hat. Das verdeutlicht das Kundenbedürfnis nach zugänglichen, effizienten und transparenten Fremdkapitalmärkten. Und genau das ermöglichen wir.» so Stefan Muehlemann, Gründer & CEO von Loanboox. Aufgeteilt sind die 25 Milliarden Schweizer Franken Anfragevolumen in 1779 Anfragen aus vier Ländern: Schweiz, Deutschland, Frankreich und Österreich. Davon wurden CHF 11 Milliarden abgeschlossen.

Langfristige Anfragen im Ausland und neue Segmente

Das durchschnittliche Volumen pro Anfrage beträgt CHF 14 Millionen, die Laufzeiten sind typischerweise unterjährig (50%) oder bei 37% der Anfragen über 5 Jahren.
«In den ausländischen Märkten wird mehrheitlich langfristig angefragt» weiss Andi Burri, Leiter Vertrieb und Geschäftsführer Loanboox Schweiz. Zu den Kreditnehmern gehören hauptsächlich
Gebietskörperschaften. «In allen vier Ländern verzeichnen wir jedoch einen grossen Zuwachs an öffentlich-rechtlich nahen Organisationen (z.B. Spitäler, Transport- und Energiegesellschaften), in der Schweiz zieht das Segment der Grossunternehmen an» so Burri.

Länderübergreifendes Kreditgeschäft wird ausgebaut

Auch das Cross-Border-Geschäft will das Fintech 2019 stärker ausbauen. Mit Standorten in mittlerweile vier Ländern und 50 Mitarbeitenden bietet Loanboox seinen Kunden die Möglichkeit, Kredittransaktionen länderübergreifend abzuwickeln.

Unser Ziel ist es, Kreditnehmer und Kapitalgeber aus ganz Europa auf der Plattform miteinander zu verbinden


erklärt Muehlemann. So wurde erst kürzlich die erste Cross-Border Transaktion zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich auf der Plattform abgewickelt, bereits vor einem Jahr erfolgte der erste Abschluss zwischen Deutschland und der Schweiz.

83 Prozent wiederkehrende Kunden

Global sind 1800 Organisationen an die Loanboox-Plattform angeschlossen. «Wir sind sehr stolz auf die hohe Kundenzufriedenheit – und das in allen Ländern, in denen wir aktiv sind. 83 Prozent der auslaufenden Kredite werden wieder über Loanboox erneuert», so Burri. Diese hohe Kundenzufriedenheit spiegelt sich auch im Net Promoter Score von Loanboox wider, der mit einem Wert von 80 weit über Branchendurchschnitt liegt.

Über Loanboox

Loanboox, die führende unabhängige Fremdkapitalmarkt-Plattform für grosse Fremdfinanzierungen, verbindet öffentlich-rechtliche Körperschaften und Grossunternehmen mit institutionellen Anlegern und Banken.


Kontaktpersonen für Rückfragen


Herr Stefan Muehlemann, Gründer & CEO

Frau Martina Bühler, Head Marketing & Communication

Talacker 50, 8001 Zürich

0041 55 220 78 20

Hier finden Sie die  Pressemitteilung als PDF.


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