GoingPublic: Platforms as the future of the financial sector?

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Insights, Media

Interview with Stefan Muehlemann, CEO and founder of Loanboox

In the financial market there is a clear trend towards digital platforms. We spoke with companies such as the swiss fintech firm Loanboox about their business model, the future of the sector and the biggest challenges in the digital age.

Stefan Muehlemann says: People are considering wich consequences digitalisation will have for them personally, e.g. in their job. This insecurity leads some to be defensive – wanting to stick to the comfortable status quo – and some to be optimistic – wanting to take part in shaping the future.
We want to take everyone with us on this journey.

Platform-based business models are the future of the financial sector – I am conviced of that. But this does not mean that financial services providers will become obsolete. Instead, both models can benefit from each other if they work together rather than against one another.

States Muehlemann and gives an example: digital paltforms offer financial services providers new business opportunities that must be used in a well-considered and intelligent manner. It must also be mentioned in this regard, however, that platforms are always reliant on the services of traditional financial services providers, who are important platform users.

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