After more than 11 weeks in lockdown, Switzerland is gradually opening up again. We are experiencing history and getting a unique chance to reboot our economy.

Lee & Partners asks Andi Burri, Loanboox Co-Founder & Country Head Switzerland, about opportunities, challenges and his personal highlights during the lockdown.

Economically, what do you think are our biggest opportunities?

Andi Burri: The lockdown has clearly shown us that we find creative solutions to problems or challenges. While working from home and digital interaction was a marginal phenomenon in many companies, it has become the standard with the lockdown. From my point of view, this experience offers a great opportunity for digitalisation projects to be driven forward with a lot of momentum and thus to massively increase our effectiveness and efficiency. As co-founder of the largest digital debt capital market platform in Europe, I naturally welcome this acceleration.

What risks and challenges should companies readjust to?

Andi Burri: It is still unclear how sustainable and how fast the economic recovery will be and whether there will be renewed restrictions and social distancing measures. The associated uncertainty in planning is a major challenge for all companies. In this context, it is important to create options for any necessary financial bottlenecks. Alternative financing channels are available that make it possible to efficiently address a very wide range of capital providers.

From a personal perspective, what was your highlight during the lockdown?

Andi Burri: In the middle of the lockdown, we launched a new product together with Deutsche Kreditbank AG – direct loans. The picture that emerged in this context remains in my memory: the entire project team was sitting in their garden, office or living room with a drink or a glass of white wine and was proud and happy to toast the milestone virtually during the turbulent time. Of course, I am now looking forward to hopefully celebrating the next successes face to face with our highly motivated employees and partners.

Thank you for your insights, Andi!

Quelle: inTech

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