Looking for efficient and cost-effective financing?

We offer you a personalized solution for your financings

Loanboox combines the best of two worlds: Digital processes and a customizable software solution in combination with expert knowledge and support from our team. Based on your needs, we put together the right offer for you.

Your Tool

Do you have existing contacts, but would like to streamline and digitalize your processes?

Then our whitelabel tool could be right for you.

Under the name “Fincetra”, we offer a software solution tailored to your needs that makes your debt capital procurement easy and efficient.

The solution digitizes your existing processes, can be used quickly, increases competition among your capital providers, reduces effort and uses state-of-the-art data tools to optimize your process.

Fincetra personalisierbares Tool

With the software solution individually tailored to you and our data-based insights from over 2,000 transactions, you benefit from:

Attractive conditions thanks to broad capital provider approach

You keep the direct line to your capital providers, but negotiate more efficiently

Detailed evaluation and analysis of the offers as a basis for decision-making

Protected, private space and simplified collaboration


We can complete the cross-border financing process almost twice as fast – 6 weeks faster!


Head Financing, German enterprise


You want access to the largest Swiss capital provider network without your own software? No problem.

Free of charge and non-binding.


The offers from my capital providers are better than for the last financing.


Head Treasury, German group

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Andi Burri

Andi Burri

Co- Founder & Country Head Switzerland

E-Mail, +41 55 220 78 21

Patrick Zurfluh

Patrick Zurfluh

Head Real Estate Financing

E-Mail, +41 55 220 78 32

Sarah Tinguely

Sarah Tinguely

Business Development Director

E-Mail, +41 55 220 78 26

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