Strong growth in 2021 for Loanboox

The leading European debt financing platform Loanboox reports a strong business year 2021, with 700 closed deals and doubled revenues. The Fintech recorded the fastest growth in Germany and concluded its first deals in Eastern Europe.

Five years ago, Loanboox entered the market with the vision to make debt capital markets more efficient, transparent and fast. To date, municipalities, cities and large organisations closed 2’400 loans with a total volume of more than CHF 26 billion. These financings enable valuable projects for our societies, including renewable energy, renovation of hospital infrastructure or new kindergarten buildings. In 2021, the growing activity from users resulted in a doubling of the fintech’s revenues.

Internationalization speeding up

The Fintech’s internationalization strategy pays out: “We achieved the strongest growth by over 200% in Germany, where cities such as Mönchengladbach, Frankfurt or Königswinter profit from accessing money more quickly and at very competitive rates” comments Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox. Thanks to a new innovative product, the company also enabled first transactions in Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic in 2021.

Broadening of services

Apart from its international expansion, Loanboox is constantly innovating by creating automation and debt management tools as well as deeper analytics for its customers. The Fintech offers a broader service for borrowers, including debt planning and transaction support on large financings. 150 active lenders profit from digitalized processes, data insights and from a lean co-creation of new products.

Strengthened advisory board

To support the strong growth journey of the company, Loanboox strengthens its advisory board. Frank Mattern, former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company and independent advisor and board member at various international companies (e.g. Morgan Stanley Europe SE and Centerbridge Partners Europe), reinforces the team with his extensive experience and network.

About Loanboox

Loanboox is the leading European platform for debt financing for professional organizations and a member of the business community Leaders for Climate Action. More information about Loanboox, see here.

Contact persons

Philippe Cayrol, CEO
Martina Bühler, CMO
Talacker 50, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland  
+41 55 220 78 29,

From 0 to 25 billion in 5 years

From 0 to 25 billion in 5 years

A start-up that has helped to shape fintech innovations in Switzerland by digitalizing lending is celebrating its 5th anniversary: Loanboox. 
With 25 billion in closedfinancings in seven countries, the financing platform started off successfully and is rapidly developing its offerings further.

Since their launch in 2016 in Zurich as digital solution for debt financing, big ticket borrowers were able to close more than 2’100 transactions with a volume of 25 billion Swiss Francs in seven countries. A team of 40 employees supports 3‘000 registered municipalities, cities, public institutions, large companies and institutional lenders and banks and continues to develop the platform rapidly.    

“The high demand shows the need for efficient debt capital markets. Swiss borrowers, for example, have already earned 23.2 million Swiss francs via Loanboox - through negative interest rates. I am very pleased that we can contribute to fluidify debt markets, making it simpler and faster for all market participants”, comments Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox. “In 2021, we facilitated projects such as hospital infrastructure, school buildings and retirement homes which makes everyone proud to contribute a little bit to the society of tomorrow”, continues Cayrol.  

The idea behind Loanboox was radical and courageous: to create a digital marketplace for large loans.  Borrowing entities submit their loan requests online and professional investors bid on them: this saves time for all and ensures transparency. “Financings with volumes of up to 450 million Euro have been put on the platform and as the business matures, we see an increasing deal flow of large requests from very established borrowers”, adds Cayrol.  

The company has evolved substantially since its first days. Loanboox has created automation tools and deeper analytics for their customers. The Fintech also offers a broader service for issuers, including debt planning and transaction support on large financings. 150 active lenders profit from process efficiencies, data insights and from a lean co-creation of new products.    

In the last 6 months, the company achieved a number of firsts on its platform: the first sustainability-linked loan, the first secured transaction and the first transactions in Eastern Europe. These developments pave the way for a bright and more sustainable future, for both customers and Loanboox.   

About Loanboox

The fintech Loanboox is the leading European platform for debt financing. Its clients include municipalities, cities, cantons and other public corporations and large companies, institutional investors and banks. Loanboox is a member of the business community Leaders for Climate Action. 

Contact persons:

Philippe Cayrol, CEO  
Martina Bühler, CMO 
Talacker50, 8001 Zürich 
055 220 78 29,

InTech Swiss: Easily develop your own Fintech? A quick start guide from Loanboox

InTech Swiss: Easily develop your own Fintech? A quick start guide from Loanboox

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Partnerarbeit

How to scale a (digital) business? Loanboox’s Chief Operating Officer Dominique Huegli gives an insight into our strategy for success. A quick start guide.

The most important tool is the strategy or a set of strategies.

For the development of our innovative digital marketplace for debt financing, we have established a system of strategies at Loanboox. We use different strategies depending on the scope and consequences of the decision. Each strategy pursues a specific purpose and serves a different time horizon. Certain levels serve the longer-term perspective, others influence daily business.

Which strategies these are and how they are effectively implemented in companies can be found in this article on InTech Swiss.

GoingPublic: Platforms as the future of the financial sector?

GoingPublic: Platforms as the future of the financial sector?

Interview with Stefan Muehlemann, CEO and founder of Loanboox

In the financial market there is a clear trend towards digital platforms. We spoke with companies such as the swiss fintech firm Loanboox about their business model, the future of the sector and the biggest challenges in the digital age.

Stefan Muehlemann says: People are considering wich consequences digitalisation will have for them personally, e.g. in their job. This insecurity leads some to be defensive – wanting to stick to the comfortable status quo – and some to be optimistic – wanting to take part in shaping the future.
We want to take everyone with us on this journey.

Platform-based business models are the future of the financial sector – I am conviced of that. But this does not mean that financial services providers will become obsolete. Instead, both models can benefit from each other if they work together rather than against one another.

States Muehlemann and gives an example: digital paltforms offer financial services providers new business opportunities that must be used in a well-considered and intelligent manner. It must also be mentioned in this regard, however, that platforms are always reliant on the services of traditional financial services providers, who are important platform users.

To read the whole article, click here.


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Milestone: Loanboox hits the 25 billion mark

Milestone: Loanboox hits the 25 billion mark

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Hochhaus


Loanboox reaches next milestone: The global request volume on the independent debt capital market platform has reached the 25 billion Swiss franc mark. In total, loans amounting to 11 billion have been concluded since the fintech was launched just under three years ago.

“I am very pleased that Loanboox has reached this milestone in such a short time. This illustrates the customer need for accessible, efficient and transparent debt capital markets. And that is exactly what we make possible,” says Stefan Muehlemann, Founder & CEO of Loanboox. Broken down, the 25 billion Swiss franc request volume was divided into 1779 requests from four countries: Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. Of these, CHF 11 billion were closed.

Long-term enquiries abroad and new segments

The average volume per request is CHF 14 million, and the terms are typically less than one year (50%) or more than five years for 37% of the requests.
“In the foreign markets, the majority of enquiries are long-term,” says Andi Burri, Head of Sales and Managing Director of Loanboox Switzerland. The borrowers mainly include
local authorities. “In all four countries, however, we are seeing a large increase in organisations under public law (e.g. hospitals, transport and energy companies), while in Switzerland the segment of large companies is on the rise,” says Burri.

Cross-border lending business is expanded

The fintech also wants to expand its cross-border business more strongly in 2019. With locations in four countries and 50 employees, Loanboox offers its customers the possibility to process credit transactions across borders.

Our aim is to connect borrowers and capital providers from all over Europe on the platform


explains Muehlemann. For example, the first cross-border transaction between Germany and France was recently processed on the platform, and the first transaction between Germany and Switzerland took place a year ago.

83 percent returning customers

Globally, 1800 organisations are connected to the Loanboox platform. “We are very proud of the high customer satisfaction – and this in all countries where we are active. 83 percent of expiring loans are renewed again via Loanboox,” says Burri. This high level of customer satisfaction is also reflected in Loanboox’s Net Promoter Score, which is far above the industry average with a value of 80.

About Loanboox

Loanboox, the leading independent debt capital market platform for large-scale debt financing, connects public corporations and large companies with institutional investors and banks.


Contact persons for queries


Stefan Muehlemann, Founder & CEO

Martina Bühler, Head Marketing & Communication

Talacker 50, 8001 Zürich

0041 55 220 78 20

Find the  Pressrelease here as PDF.


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Series B: Loanboox collects 22 million Swiss francs

Series B: Loanboox collects 22 million Swiss francs

The Fintech company Loanboox, the leading money and capital market platform, collects CHF 22 million (20 million euros) in the Series B financing round.

Investors include the Deutsche Kreditbank AG, the LGT Group and other well-known investors from Europe and overseas. The company’s valuation rises to CHF 122 million (110 million euros).

Loanboox was launched in Switzerland at the end of 2016. The winner of last year’s Swiss Fintech Award now employs 40 people in Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. Loanboox offers an online platform for big ticket loans, which makes financing and investing simpler, more transparent, more secure and reduces costs. Its clients are public-sector authorities, banks, large corporations and institutional investors. In Switzerland, private placements and bonds can also be issued through Loanboox. Since Go-Live at the end of 2016, a financing volume of twenty billion Swiss francs (17.5 billion euros) has been requested through Loanboox and over 1000 customers are active on the platform.

Round was oversubscribed

In order to secure further growth, Loanboox carried out a Series B financing round. Founder and CEO Stefan Muehlemann is very pleased with the great response from international investors:

In fact, we had the opportunity to select the new investors who could offer the most added value to Loanboox, as we were significantly oversubscribed. In addition, all previous shareholders have again invested in this round, a special sign of trust. We take those results as a great compliment, but also as an incentive for our further expansion in Europe and the expansion of our product range, for which we are now ideally equipped.

Even after the Series B financing round, the majority of the shares will remain in the hands of the founders and employees. The current valuation of CHF 122 million (110 million euros) is an impressive illustration of Loanboox’ success to date, but also of its enormous potential. The aim is to achieve profitability by the end of 2021.

DKB’s first Fintech investment

With the Deutsche Kreditbank and the LGT Group as further institution in the financial sector, Loanboox has gained two renowned investors who, like the other investors, also contribute expertise. Muehlemann: «This is a clear sign of our openness towards traditional market participants. We are proud to have gained the DKB, a digital pioneer in the banking environment, and the LGT Group, a globally active financial group, as investors». Since the investments of both companies are in the low single-digit percentage range, Loanboox’ independence is still fully guaranteed.
Thomas Jebsen, executive board member of DKB:

In the future, the platform economy will also change the traditional financing business of the public sector in Europe and we want to participate in this at an early stage

Also Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO of the LGT Group, is pleased about the investment:

Loanboox is trend-setting in the area of big ticket debt. We are convinced of that

Several other well-known business angels

In addition to these two well-known addresses, numerous family offices and very well networked business angels have invested. Amongst others Emmanuel Roth (Co-Managing Partner at Five Arrows Principal Investments), Luzius Meisser (Co-Founder Bitcoin Association Switzerland and Board of Director at different Swiss Start-ups), Gerd Häusler (Member of the supervisory board of different German companies), Mutschler Ventures (with successful multi-investor Sylvie Mutschler), Delphen SARL (with ex-BCG Europe Chairman and now Loanboox France President René Abate) and Prof. Roland Berger (Founder, Partner and Honorary Chairman of Supervisory Board of the international strategy consultancy Roland Berger), who comments on Loanboox as follows:

For me, Loanboox is an important catalyst for increasing transparency, efficiency and security in the financing sector by creating significant and sustainable benefits for all market participants. The further applications of the technology and the platform are enormous

Contact for questions

Mr. Stefan Muehlemann, Founder & CEO
Mrs Martina Bühler, Head Marketing & Communication
Talacker 50, 8001 Zürich
0041 55 220 78 20

Here you can find the press release as PDF.


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