Innovation Days: Playground and Pool of Ideas

Two days, six groups and lots of good ideas – these were the basics for Loanboox’s internal “Innovation Days”, which focused on one thing above all: making the debt financing platform better for customers.

“Guys, I’m excited,” texts Loanboox Switzerland Managing Director Andi Burri in the shared chat of his working group. There is still half an hour until the workshop presentation. Together with four other colleagues, he has been working on the topic of “emotional design”, i.e. the question of where the financing platform could be used to better meet customers. To this end, the team has developed pop-up windows, created new buttons and revised e-mail notifications. Now they are putting the finishing touches to the slides, because of course they want to convince the others of their own ideas – after all, at the end of the “Innovation Days” a winner is to be chosen.

Have the courage to think “outside the box”.

The other five, multi-country groups also used the time to deal intensively with their respective focal topics. For example, how the financing process could really be thought through to the end completely digitally with a digital signature. And what advantages that would have for the customers. How to better connect platform users with each other or in which areas Loanboox could position itself more sustainably.

Loanboox Workshop Innovation Days

Creativity and inventiveness are remarkable, despite the physical distance. And there are also the workshop-type pizza orgies – only at home in front of the screen. Much of what the staff developed over the two days will be implemented. Smaller but important quick wins, such as making the funding button on the platform easier to find or a new 404 error page, have already been implemented.

The winner takes it all? Not in this case

And who will win the race in the end? The team that shows the needs of potential capital providers with a unique presentation and demonstrates how the platform could be adapted accordingly. But their success and the prize that comes with it – a team event when the Covid 19 pandemic is over – is not something the colleagues want to enjoy alone, but to share with everyone.

This is also good teamwork.


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Successful 2020 for Loanboox despite Covid-19

Successful 2020 for Loanboox despite Covid-19

50% more deals than in 2019 

Debt financing on the Loanboox platform increased by 50 percent in 2020 to CHF 7.1 bn, serving more than 600 issuers and 120 lenders. In addition, the fintech looks back on the world’s first fully digitally issued corporate bond and strengthening of its management team.  

Despite volatile conditions, 7.1 billion Swiss francs in financings were concluded by municipalities, cantons and large companies via Loanboox in 2020 – 50% more than 2019. Four years after Go-Live, the leading platform for debt financing thus passed the 20 billion mark in terms of volume concluded. The fintech recorded the strongest growth in Germany with a quadrupled annual closing volume of 2.2 billion euros. Austria is following closely with 300% growth in deals closed. 

Corona impacted the debt markets 

In times of uncertainty, Loanboox enabled 600 issuers to access money quickly and at competitive rates. During the March lockdown, transactions with a volume of one billion Swiss francs were concluded – three times as many as in the same period in the previous year. Customers also benefited from the fact that almost all financing steps can be processed digitally – even from home office. This shows the convenience and flexibility of the Loanboox platform. 

On the investor side, the crisis triggered restraint and a temporary increase in money market interest rates of around 0.5% in March and April. The situation eased again in summer and interest rates came back to their historically low levels, with financing up to 30 years being concluded at tight spreads. 

Strengthened executive team to support new growth phase 

In addition to the increased demand, changes in the Board of Directors and the Executive Board have further advanced the Fintech in 2020. In April, Loanboox elected the experienced business lawyer Dr. Felix R. Ehrat to the Board of Directors. In June, Philippe Cayrol joined the company as its new CEO. The experienced scale-up manager took over the position from Loanboox founder Stefan Muehlemann, who has since concentrated on his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Milestone with first digitally settled corporate bond  

In July 2020, Axpo Holding AG became the first corporate issuer to place a listed green bond entirely digitally via Loanboox. The CHF 133 million bond with a maturity of 7 years was largely oversubscribed with more than 53 orders in the book. After establishing itself as a leading platform in public and near-public loan financing, this was an important step towards the digitalisation of the bond market.

About Loanboox

The fintech Loanboox is the leading European platform for debt financing and is active in six countries. Its clients include municipalities, cities, cantons and other public corporations and large companies, institutional investors and banks 

Contact persons:

Philippe Cayrol, CEO  
Martina Bühler, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer 
Talacker50, 8001 Zürich 
055 220 78 29,

Interest rates and inflation – Daniel Stelter’s economic forecast

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Radio und Kopfhörer

How do cities and municipalities get through the Corona crisis? What do capital providers and investors need to be successful? And what advantages does digitalisation bring? In the loanboox.asks. series, we talk to experts about topics like these. Daniel Stelter kicks off our audio talks.

The forecasts for 2021 are mixed. On the one hand, highs on the stock market – on the other hand, dampened economic expectations due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. And on top of that, central banks are pumping massive amounts of money into the markets and keeping interest rates low. In loanboox.asks. we talked to the economic expert and author Daniel Stelter about how all this is connected. He says:

The economic consequences of the Corona crisis will keep us busy for a very long time.

Listen to his assessments in the following audio:

Niedrigzins und Inflation - ein Ausblick auf 2021 mit Daniel Stelter

by Simone Franzke

About Daniel Stelter:

Daniel Stelter is a macroeconomist, strategy consultant and author. In his podcast “Think beyond the obvious” he looks behind the scenes of economic and financial policy and explains important connections.

No time to listen to the audio? Then simply download the article.

Happy holidays and a successful new year

Happy holidays and a successful new year

An unusual and challenging year is coming to an end. A year that demanded a lot from us as a society due to the Corona pandemic. But there were also beautiful and positive moments that will be remembered.


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And so we are pleased that in 2020 we were able to support municipalities, cities, cantons and companies in five countries to successfully close their financing requests via our platform. We welcomed 105 new investors and hope to make their work – and everyone else’s – easier with our tools. We are proud that we were able to accompany the pioneer Axpo Holding AG in the world premiere of the first fully digitally processed, listed green bond. And we think it’s great, dear Loanboox community, that we can also work and communicate with you smoothly from home.

We thank you very much for your trust and interest in these special times.

Now it’s time to take a breath and press the reset button, with fresh energy and a zest for action. We look forward to a new year together.

We wish you happy and restful holidays with your family and all the best for 2021. Stay healthy.

Your Loanboox Team

Netzwoche: How fintechs and banks collaborate

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Partnerarbeit

FinTechs versus banks – the public likes the image of the small, innovative David against the big, ponderous Goliath. What is often disregarded in the process: the customer benefit. In Netzwoche magazine, we explain why cooperations with institutional partners like banks are important and useful. 

Many banks, insurance companies and businesses want to become more customer-oriented, efficient and agile. But structures that have evolved over decades and internal regulations do not exactly make this development process easy. It is important for clients, especially in difficult times like these, to find efficient financing options that can also be easily operated from the home office.

The market for such partnerships is there

For our COO Dominique Hügli, the advantages were therefore obvious when, for example, the opportunity arose to cooperate with Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB). Through the cooperation, both sides want to drive the digitalisation process in the financial sector and better exploit the existing market potential.

Digital transformations and joint projects like these are always a challenge as well. It is important that everyone is brought on board, believes in the joint product or service and consistently follows the underlying strategy.

Dominique Hügli, COO von Loanboox

At the end of the process, with the “Direktdarlehen”, there is a digital product with which everyone is happy – especially the customer. Even more: the cooperation with DKB shows that it is worth expanding the portfolio for further strategic partnerships.

Interesting topic? Then read the whole article in Netzwoche magazine.

Digital Shapers 2020: These Swiss people are driving digitisation forward

Digital Shapers 2020: These Swiss people are driving digitisation forward

Digital Shapers 2020: For the fifth time, BILANZ, together with Handelszeitung and Le Temps, has chosen the 100 most important minds in Switzerland who are at the forefront of digitalisation.

They work in large organisations and help them to make established structures fit for the digital age, ensure the necessary framework conditions for digitisation or lay the foundations for new technologies and digitisation as academics, bloggers, authors, researchers or employees in think tanks: for the fifth time, BILANZ, in collaboration with Handelszeitung and Le Temps, has chosen the Digital Shapers, the 100 people who are driving digitisation forward in the country.


The founder an VR president of Loanboox was also elected.

We congratulate Stefan Mühlemann! He is one of the important minds driving digitalisation forward. Mühlemann recently moved from CEO to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mühlemann says to the balance sheet:

“Managing people who manage other people is not one of my strengths”.

He sees himself more as a strategist and inventor. Even though he has stakes in 15 start-ups and is sometimes more involved in one or the other, most of his energy remains focused on Loanboox. Because he still has a lot of plans for the lending platform. The company is currently active in six countries. In the long term, it aims to become a global marketplace for debt capital. The expansion is to take place primarily through partnerships with banks and other financial institutions. If an acquisition presents itself, the company is not averse to it. At the same time, Mühlemann tries not to take off and to control the pace somewhat: “We are still a start-up and must not open up too many construction sites.