Happy holidays and a successful new year

Happy holidays and a successful new year

An unusual and challenging year is coming to an end. A year that demanded a lot from us as a society due to the Corona pandemic. But there were also beautiful and positive moments that will be remembered.


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And so we are pleased that in 2020 we were able to support municipalities, cities, cantons and companies in five countries to successfully close their financing requests via our platform. We welcomed 105 new investors and hope to make their work – and everyone else’s – easier with our tools. We are proud that we were able to accompany the pioneer Axpo Holding AG in the world premiere of the first fully digitally processed, listed green bond. And we think it’s great, dear Loanboox community, that we can also work and communicate with you smoothly from home.

We thank you very much for your trust and interest in these special times.

Now it’s time to take a breath and press the reset button, with fresh energy and a zest for action. We look forward to a new year together.

We wish you happy and restful holidays with your family and all the best for 2021. Stay healthy.

Your Loanboox Team

The vaccine and the capital markets

The vaccine and the capital markets

Everything will be fine, one might say in view of the hopeful news about Covid19 vaccines that will soon be available. And at least the financial markets agree with this credo. But is this just a snapshot or already a signal for a synchronised global upswing?

The announcement that several vaccines against the virus could be approved before the end of this year has not only caused the prices of the respective pharmaceutical companies to soar, but also boosted the stock markets in general. Although many details – such as the distribution of the vaccines – have not yet been clarified, the upswing on the markets is virtually anticipated. This applies both to the development of the real economy and to the opportunities on the capital markets. Investors worldwide are optimistic. The question, however, is: What factors can influence this development? And at what starting point do we actually stand?

Corona is still omnipresent

The macroeconomic backdrop is certainly more constructive at present than it was in the summer or even in the spring. Although the second wave of infection has been rolling for weeks, it has not hit the economy that hard so far. This is partly because governments in Europe have so far tried to avoid a complete lock-down. The international movement of goods, for example, is largely unhindered – that was not the case during the first wave. On the other hand, people have learned from the experience of the crisis in the spring, which creates a better basis in many respects. That is the good news.

Uncertainty factor USA

But the Covid19 infection figures in most countries are still rising or at least stagnating at a high level. The US is fighting a third wave, and if there were to be new lockdowns, this would certainly result in weaker economic activity. In addition, an agreement in Congress on the support programme so urgently needed by the economy is not yet in sight – this also plays a major role in the development of the financial markets worldwide.

Power forecast with small blemishes

This rather ambivalent situation makes an exact prognosis difficult, but nevertheless: the announcement of the vaccines and the hope for an early return to normality is a euphoric signal. Even renewed economic setbacks caused by Corona – according to the calculations of many financial experts – could be quickly offset once widespread vaccination begins. They expect GDP in the eurozone to return to pre-Corona levels by the end of 2022. The capacity for a rapid economic recovery has already been demonstrated this summer, they say.

Investors are keeping an eye on this development. It is wise to start thinking about the post-pandemic period now. 

You want to invest now? Find out about safe investment opportunities on Loanboox.

Netzwoche: How fintechs and banks collaborate

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Partnerarbeit

FinTechs versus banks – the public likes the image of the small, innovative David against the big, ponderous Goliath. What is often disregarded in the process: the customer benefit. In Netzwoche magazine, we explain why cooperations with institutional partners like banks are important and useful. 

Many banks, insurance companies and businesses want to become more customer-oriented, efficient and agile. But structures that have evolved over decades and internal regulations do not exactly make this development process easy. It is important for clients, especially in difficult times like these, to find efficient financing options that can also be easily operated from the home office.

The market for such partnerships is there

For our COO Dominique Hügli, the advantages were therefore obvious when, for example, the opportunity arose to cooperate with Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB). Through the cooperation, both sides want to drive the digitalisation process in the financial sector and better exploit the existing market potential.

Digital transformations and joint projects like these are always a challenge as well. It is important that everyone is brought on board, believes in the joint product or service and consistently follows the underlying strategy.

Dominique Hügli, COO von Loanboox

At the end of the process, with the “Direktdarlehen”, there is a digital product with which everyone is happy – especially the customer. Even more: the cooperation with DKB shows that it is worth expanding the portfolio for further strategic partnerships.

Interesting topic? Then read the whole article in Netzwoche magazine.

Get more offers and 25% discount on exclusive deals until 31.12.2020

Get more offers and 25% discount on exclusive deals until 31.12.2020

We have analyzed over 2000 financing requests and found that exclusive deals generated superior results for borrowers. On average, municipalities and organisations who post their financing requests exclusively via Loanboox get twice as many competitive offers compared to their peers who used several channels. The higher number of offers reflects in increased competition which ultimately results in better rates for you as borrower. 

To give you a better idea, have a look at a couple of recently closed exclusive deals below:

A Swiss municipality with 3’700 inhabitants received 17 competitive offers (including offers from local banks). The municipality concluded for 0% for 4 years which was 0.3% better than in the past allowing the municipality to save several thousand CHF per year.

A power plant in Switzerland received 8 competitive offers from investors in Switzerland and Europe. The power plant concluded at 0.78% for 8 years and at 1.25% for 12 years saving several ten thousand CHF per year compared to earlier financing terms.


Financial Director, Municipality of Matten (BE)

“I have used Loanboox exclusively and received more than 15 attractive offers. The integrated automatic comparison saves me a lot of time and the more attractive offers save the taxpayers of Matten money.

Apart from getting the best rates, those borrowers experienced an efficient process and were able to compare offers intuitively. As a nice side-effect, they of course also got seamless, audit-proof documentation of the whole process.

To sum it up, data and our experience clearly show that exclusive requests lead to:

  • less effort needed and time saving since all offers are compared automatically in the same placea
  • twice as many offers since investors haven’t received the offers through other channels
  • … resulting in: Lower rates due to efficiency gains and increased competition

To make it even more attractive, we have a time-limited offer for you until the end of 2020: Put your financing request exclusively on Loanboox, and you will benefit from better deals and an additional 25% discount on the Loanboox transaction fees.

Sounds interesting? Login to start your financing request while choosing “Exclusive request” as financing object.

More info needed? Call us (055 220 78 20), chat with us or write an email. We are always happy to help. 

Treasury Management International: Energy firm offers first ever entirely digitally-issued corporate bond

Digitalisation comes to the corporate bond market as Swiss energy firm Axpo makes the first ever fully electronic issuance. The magazine treasury management international has written an article about the recently closed bond.

Switzerland-based energy group, Axpo Holding AG has become the first ever issuer of an entirely digital issuance of a corporate bond. Using the independent debt capital market platform, Loanboox, the issuance, it says, marks the first step towards digitalisation and new standards in transparency, pricing and allocation in the primary capital markets. 

Axpo’s seven-year green bond was over-subscribed, raising CHF133m (c.€123.4m). Some 35 orders were allocated to a range of institutional investors via the Loanboox platform in the 90-minute book-building window. The bond, which has a coupon of 1.002%, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Axpo will use the capital to finance projects in the photovoltaic and wind energy sectors.

Why digital?

[…] In the non-digital world, the lead bank calls potential investors for orders, but pricing is akin to a “black box” for them, and they may only get one chance to change their order, Bühler notes.

“Live book-building allows both parties to see the price developing; it’s much more like an open marketplace.”

With Axpo opting for green bond issuance, the transparency afforded by the platform correlates well with the compliance needs of ESG-driven investors, says Bühler. With both sides able to see all details of the issue in advance of the book-building day, oversight of the whole transaction is now possible.


Digital Shapers 2020: These Swiss people are driving digitisation forward

Digital Shapers 2020: These Swiss people are driving digitisation forward

Digital Shapers 2020: For the fifth time, BILANZ, together with Handelszeitung and Le Temps, has chosen the 100 most important minds in Switzerland who are at the forefront of digitalisation.

They work in large organisations and help them to make established structures fit for the digital age, ensure the necessary framework conditions for digitisation or lay the foundations for new technologies and digitisation as academics, bloggers, authors, researchers or employees in think tanks: for the fifth time, BILANZ, in collaboration with Handelszeitung and Le Temps, has chosen the Digital Shapers, the 100 people who are driving digitisation forward in the country.


The founder an VR president of Loanboox was also elected.

We congratulate Stefan Mühlemann! He is one of the important minds driving digitalisation forward. Mühlemann recently moved from CEO to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mühlemann says to the balance sheet:

“Managing people who manage other people is not one of my strengths”.

He sees himself more as a strategist and inventor. Even though he has stakes in 15 start-ups and is sometimes more involved in one or the other, most of his energy remains focused on Loanboox. Because he still has a lot of plans for the lending platform. The company is currently active in six countries. In the long term, it aims to become a global marketplace for debt capital. The expansion is to take place primarily through partnerships with banks and other financial institutions. If an acquisition presents itself, the company is not averse to it. At the same time, Mühlemann tries not to take off and to control the pace somewhat: “We are still a start-up and must not open up too many construction sites.