Do you need support to plan and model your financing?

Debt Planning

Which financing strategy is suitable for you?

With our market knowledge derived from over 8000 placed offers, we model and calculate individual and holistic financing strategies for you. These serve as a base for making well-founded and market-driven decisions in your debt planning.

Our services for your debt planning at a glance:

Analysis and benchmarking

of your existing portfolio

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Simulation of financing costs

considering interest rate models

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Calculation of expected interest rates

and investor appetite for your financing needs

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Modelling of financing strategies

tailored to your investment project, portfolio as well as your needs​

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Identifying opportunities and risks

of the respective financing strategies

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Preparation of the results

for internal planning and decision-making committees (e.g. finance commission / municipal council)

Thanks to the financing scenarios and cost overviews of Loanboox, I was able to plan and decide on the implementation of our project with all involved stakeholders in an objective and efficient way. 


School Director and Head of Finance, Association district school Gäu

The advisory process step by step

The advisory process is individually tailored to the financing needs or the financing project so that you can decide on sound financing strategies in the respective decision-making committees.

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