Financing Cockpit

You control your financing.

Discover the most flexible and simple financing tool: your own!

The Financing Cockpit enables simple, efficient processing of your debt capital procurement – via your own white-label tool. The solution digitises your existing processes, is easy to use, increases competition among your lenders, reduces the effort and uses state-of-the-art data tools to optimise your processes.

Market data

You control your financing.

From the deal request to the invitation of investors, offer comparison, closing and documentation of the transaction, everything runs via your own tool.

Take full control of your financing process

Direct contact with your lenders

You maintain a direct relationship with your lenders and address them directly with your branding – no party interferes.

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More favourable conditions

Increase competition among your lenders thanks to digital tendering and thereby improved conditions. Reach new investors through access to over 150 institutional investors. 

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Efficient negotiations

Eliminate manual, repetitive processes. Use your own contract templates and make negotiations with lenders efficient thanks to a standardised offer process.

Tested with over 3000 organisations.

Customised for you.

Reduce your effort considerably and standardise the entire process

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Better cooperation

Excel spreadsheets and unstructured email conversations are history. Simplify communication with investors and colleagues thanks to your own chat and other collaboration features.

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Data-driven decision-making

Compare lenders’ behavior and offers received with one click.


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Protected, private space

Your financing is well-protected and private. You have the full control.


What our customers say


Head Treasury,
German Company

"The offers of the investors via Financing Cockpit are better than what we observed in the previous transactions"


Head Financing, 
Multinational Company

"We can complete the cross-border financing process almost twice as fast - 6 weeks faster!"

Jessica Meili, Leiterin Finanzen, Niederwil


Key Account Manager,
Eastern European Bank

"The offering process was easy and efficient for us, 10 out of 10 points."

This is what your Financing Cockpit could look like

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Dominique Hügli


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Peer Spies

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