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Through Loanboox, investors have direct access to financing requests from over 2500 borrowers in six countries. These include municipalities and organisations close to the public sector as well as large companies. The automation tools and market data enable an efficient use of capital.

Loanboox is available to investors as a comprehensive partner for investment processes. This means:

Deal flow

Access to a deal flow of over CHF 18 billion per year. Free of charge and adapted to your needs.

Market data

Understand price trends and compare them directly with the competition. Optimise your investment strategy with our structured market data.

Investment Process

Automate processes / “Straight Through Processing”: contracts, risks, limits, information from the business transactions. Integrate everything easily into your system via API.

Deal Flow


Your current investment opportunities (extract)


Country, Region



Municipality CH, Western Switzerland 1-10y CHF 2 Mio.
Municipality CH, German-speaking Switzerland 1y CHF 3 Mio.
Town/City DE, Schleswig-Holstein 10y EUR 3.5 Mio.
Municipality DE, Rhineland-Palatinate 1y EUR 4.5 Mio.
Municipality CH, German-speaking Switzerland 22-70m CHF 5 Mio.
Public institution FR, Provences-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 7-10y EUR 6.5 Mio.
Town/City DE, Saxon-Anhalt 1-10y EUR 20 Mio.
Town/City CH, German-speaking Switzerland 2m CHF 55 Mio.



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Market Data

Stay one step ahead of your competition with insights into exclusive market data

For example, get an accurate market picture based on the position of your offer compared to the other offers. Or gain insight into data-based studies. 

By analysing this and other structured data, you can plan your investment strategy with pinpoint accuracy.

Interested? As a sneak peak, download the current market update here:

Market data

Investment Process Automation

With Loanboox you digitise and optimise your investment strategy

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With our know-how and customised in-house solutions, we can optimally respond to your needs.

For example, due to specific targeting, only investment opportunities that are relevant to you are displayed. The integrated reporting engine allows you to analyse your data and adjust your prices to market conditions.

If you wish, you can easily connect Loanboox to your existing systems via API.

Our technological solutions and services at a glance

Contract automation
Data integration & processing
Portfolio analytics

Only 4 steps to your successful investment

Get an overview of the deal flow on the platform and select the financing requests that are most attractive to you.

Use the automation of offers and risk limits. Check the requests using the documents directly available and submit your offer.

After expiry of the offer acceptance period, investors will be notified whether their offer has been chosen.

If the borrower accepts an offer, a loan contract is concluded directly on the platform. Contract automation based on your own template helps you save time on every transaction.


You want more? 

Every investor has different needs. We find common solutions. Two examples illustrate this, which can be read here: 

  • Case Study on the cooperation with Deutsche Kreditbank
  • Case Study on the cooperation with Société Générale for bond emission

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