Double your benefit: More transparency and no need to work without your house bank

Double your benefit: More transparency and no need to work without your house bank

Submit your loan request exclusively on Loanboox and invite your house banks to offer.

Your advantages are clear:

  • more offers, even beyond those of your house bank
  • less time spent because a comparison can be made in one place
  • transparency of the market
  • complete and audit-proof documentation of the transaction.

«I placed a loan request exclusively on Loanboox for the first time and was so satisfied with the offers that I closed directly through the platform.»
Sandra Bodenseh, Finance Department
Municipal administration, Bad Bergzabern


Try it out and benefit from our offer at the turn of the year and until 31 January 2021:
With an exclusive request, the transaction costs are waived completely when concluding with your house bank.

Sounds interesting?

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Market-Update: To know where the wind blows

Market-Update: To know where the wind blows

It’s good to know what’s coming, even in turbulent times. The Loanboox Market Update gives you an overview of the most important developments on the financial markets and on our platform every month.

How are interest rates developing? Will it remain at the historically low level? And what influence will this have on current deals on the debt capital market? Every month we answer these and other important questions. In addition, we provide you with all the relevant news on economic developments in Germany and, of course, on the activities on our platform.

In the current issue, you will find out, among other things, what is currently causing German municipalities to worry and why Loanboox is becoming increasingly attractive for institutional lenders.


The Market Update is exclusively accessible to registered users. If you would also like to read it regularly and benefit from further Loanboox services, register here free of charge and without obligation.

Corona solutions: How to successfully organise digital financing

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox

Spending just for the sake of negative interest rates, on the other hand, is a bad idea. “The interest rates sound very tempting. But taking out loans always involves the promise of repayment,” says Christian Keuschnigg, who holds the Chair of Public Finance at the University of St. Gallen. Besides, interest rates could also rise again soon.

The interest subsidies from this also serve to ease the burden on the budget

Says Stefan Mühlemann, founder and CEO of Loanboox.

But it’s not a good business model. Waldkirch has already profited from it: Last year, the municipality took out a loan and received an interest rate of 0.25 per cent, said Aurelio Zaccari, president of the municipality, at an information event on the sports field vote.


Connecting instead of disrupting: How FinTechs and banks work together

Connecting instead of disrupting: How FinTechs and banks work together

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu Loanboox Blog Bild Partnerarbeit

FinTechs versus banks – the public likes the image of the small, innovative David against the big, ponderous Goliath. What is often disregarded in the process: the customer benefit. We explain why cooperations with institutional partners like banks are important and useful. 

Many banks, insurance companies and businesses want to become more customer-oriented, efficient and agile. But structures that have evolved over decades and internal regulations do not exactly make this development process easy. It is important for clients, especially in difficult times like these, to find efficient financing options that can also be easily operated from the home office.

The market for such partnerships is there

For our COO Dominique Hügli, the advantages were therefore obvious when, for example, the opportunity arose to cooperate with Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB). Through the cooperation, both sides want to drive the digitalisation process in the financial sector and better exploit the existing market potential.

Digital transformations and joint projects like these are always a challenge as well. It is important that everyone is brought on board, believes in the joint product or service and consistently follows the underlying strategy.

But it worked well and at the end of the process, with the “Direktdarlehen”, we have a digital product that everyone is happy with – especially the customer. What’s more, the cooperation with DKB shows that it is worth expanding the portfolio for further strategic partnerships. With innovative partners who – like us – believe in the digitalisation of the debt capital markets. What’s important here: picking up on needs and developing new standard solutions from them.

Interesting topic? You can find information on further services with DKB here.

“financial business”: digital platforms increasingly attractive for municipal financing

Entwicklung Kommunalfinanzierung

There is no sign of a financial recovery in cities and municipalities any time soon, reports the business magazine “FinanzBusiness” in a recent article. As a result, digital platforms such as Loanboox are becoming increasingly attractive for municipal financing.

The Corona crisis has torn deep holes in the budget coffers of cities and municipalities and, according to “FinanzBusiness”, municipal debt will continue to grow. The magazine quotes a current study by the Federal Statistical Office, according to which the deficit in the first half of 2020 will total 9.7 billion euros. For comparison: In the same period of the previous year, the budget deficit was not even 0.3 billion.

Municipalities must meet their financial obligations.

The main culprit in this development is the slump in trade tax revenues, triggered by the week-long lock-down in the Corona peak. At the same time, however, the necessary expenditures for investment and social services remain high – a challenge for the municipalities.

Digital debt capital market platforms such as Loanboox are feeling the effects of this enormous demand for financing, writes “FinanzBusiness”. The number of tenders on the platform grew by 137 percent in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year.

More investors on board again

Due to permanently low interest rates, liquidity loans with short maturities remain particularly attractive. According to “FinanzBusiness”, however, there is now also a trend towards longer maturities. And: Lenders who had withdrawn from the market at the beginning of the Corona crisis in order to preserve limits are almost back on the debt capital market platform at pre-crisis levels.

“In the year-end business, uncalled funds are usually financed, which is why we expect another surge in demand on the investment side,” Loanboox is quoted as saying.

These expectations are in line with the current market development and other expert forecasts, according to which municipalities need to broaden their financing and think about their investor base. Please also read our current market update for the month of October. It is already clear that the second half of 2020 will remain exciting for borrowers and investors.

Press release: Fintech company Loanboox cooperates with ICF BANK

Press release: Fintech company Loanboox cooperates with ICF BANK

The fintech Loanboox and ICF Bank AG have joined forces to turn the market for bond issues in Germany upside down: The first corporate bonds of medium-sized companies will soon be processed digitally.

After the first successful issue via Loanboox in Switzerland, the first corporate bonds in Germany are to follow in the next few weeks. With the cooperation of the established ICF BANK AG Wertpapierhandelsbank and the independent debt capital market platform Loanboox, both sides have created an essential basis for joint activities in the German market. Sascha Rinno, Chief Capital Markets Officer of ICF BANK AG:

«We are convinced that digitalisation will also find its way into the capital market business. Thanks to Loanboox’s digital platform, we are bringing more efficiency and transparency to the processing of bond issues – to the benefit of issuers and investors.»

Investors are continuously informed about the most important process steps and deadlines via the platform and have access to all transaction-relevant documents and information. This increases the efficiency of the placement process for all parties involved.

Stefan Feller, Director Capital Markets at Loanboox: «Together with the specialists at ICF, we are pleased to digitise the issuing process for corporate bonds in Germany as well. This will not only make it more comprehensible, but also more accessible.»

About ICF Bank AG

ICF Bank AG with its more than 75 employees is one of the leading securities trading banks in Germany.

In addition to the Market Making and Brokerage Services business areas, ICF is active in the Capital Markets business area as a long-term and reliable capital market partner and supports its clients in all questions of equity and debt financing. The focus of the advisory services is on listed companies or companies close to the capital market with plans to enter the capital market. The experienced team of experts has successfully completed numerous capital market transactions and offers its clients efficient support in the structuring and placement of equity and debt capital markets transactions.

About Loanboox GmbH

The fintech Loanboox is Europe’s leading debt capital market platform for large corporations, the public sector, institutional investors and banks. Loanboox has processed over EUR 40 billion in financing requests to date and is active in six countries.