Strong growth in 2021 for Loanboox

The leading European debt financing platform Loanboox reports a strong business year 2021, with 700 closed deals and doubled revenues. The Fintech recorded the fastest growth in Germany and concluded its first deals in Eastern Europe.

Five years ago, Loanboox entered the market with the vision to make debt capital markets more efficient, transparent and fast. To date, municipalities, cities and large organisations closed 2’400 loans with a total volume of more than CHF 26 billion. These financings enable valuable projects for our societies, including renewable energy, renovation of hospital infrastructure or new kindergarten buildings. In 2021, the growing activity from users resulted in a doubling of the fintech’s revenues.

Internationalization speeding up

The Fintech’s internationalization strategy pays out: “We achieved the strongest growth by over 200% in Germany, where cities such as Mönchengladbach, Frankfurt or Königswinter profit from accessing money more quickly and at very competitive rates” comments Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox. Thanks to a new innovative product, the company also enabled first transactions in Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic in 2021.

Broadening of services

Apart from its international expansion, Loanboox is constantly innovating by creating automation and debt management tools as well as deeper analytics for its customers. The Fintech offers a broader service for borrowers, including debt planning and transaction support on large financings. 150 active lenders profit from digitalized processes, data insights and from a lean co-creation of new products.

Strengthened advisory board

To support the strong growth journey of the company, Loanboox strengthens its advisory board. Frank Mattern, former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company and independent advisor and board member at various international companies (e.g. Morgan Stanley Europe SE and Centerbridge Partners Europe), reinforces the team with his extensive experience and network.

About Loanboox

Loanboox is the leading European platform for debt financing for professional organizations and a member of the business community Leaders for Climate Action. More information about Loanboox, see here.

Contact persons

Philippe Cayrol, CEO
Martina Bühler, CMO
Talacker 50, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland  
+41 55 220 78 29,

What is the current status of German municipalities in terms of sustainability?

What is the current status of German municipalities in terms of sustainability?

Now available at Loanboox in the SDG Portal

The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda comprises 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They serve to promote sustainable peace and prosperity and to protect our planet. What is so big starts small: Where measures become effective and tangible for people on a daily basis.

Supporting municipalities in their key role

“Municipalities play a central role in implementing the 2030 Agenda. Many municipalities have already set out on the path to a sustainable future, and many more are currently working on strategies and measures,” says Marc Wolinda of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

In order to support municipalities in impact-oriented sustainability management, leading municipal associations, the Bertelsmann Stiftung and other partner organisations have created the SDG portal. “For example, the portal offers 56 SDG indicators with data for all municipalities with a population of 5,000 or more, SDG measures and a reporting tool,” Marc Wolinda explains further.

SDG portal now integrated on Loanboox

With one click on the SDG portal linked on the platform, all the goals already pursued by the municipality appear with stored indicators. The information, which can be accessed quickly, is an added value for investors as an orientation, since the importance of sustainable financing is becoming more and more important.

For municipalities, a whole catalogue of measures and examples for the implementation of the SDGs is available as inspiration for their own sustainable development. In addition, there is the possibility of comparison with other municipalities as well as the documentation of their own sustainable development through a reporting function.

Background knowledge

These are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a glance.

From 0 to 23 billion in 5 years

A start-up that broke new ground by digitising municipal lending in Germany is celebrating its 5th anniversary: Loanboox. With 23  billion euros in closedfinancings in seven countries, the financing platform started off successfully and is rapidly developing its offerings further.

Since its launch in 2016 in Zurich as a platform for municipal finance, borrowers have completed more than 2,100 transactions with a volume of 23 billion euros in seven countries. A team of 40 employees serves 3,000 registered municipalities, cities, public institutions, large companies as well as institutional investors and banks and is rapidly developing the platform.  

“The high demand shows the need for efficient debt capital markets,” comments Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox. “In 2021, we enabled the creation and expansion of municipal infrastructure, such as kindergartens and school buildings, broadband expansion and road construction. It makes us proud to make the debt capital markets easier and faster for all market participants, while contributing in a small way to tomorrow’s society.” 

The idea behind Loanboox was radical and bold: to create a digital marketplace for large loans. Borrowers submit their loan requests online, professional investors bid on them – saving time and creating transparency. ”The largest requests so far are 450 million euros. As the business matures, we are also seeing an increasing rush from very established borrowers” adds Cayrol.  


A lot has happened since the first days. Loanboox has developed automation and analysis tools for its clients. Advisory services such as financing planning and support for more complex mandates complement the services. 150 active capital providers benefit from more efficient processes, data insights and co-development of new products.  

In the last 6 months, the company has celebrated a number of firsts on its platform: The first sustainable loan, the first secured financing and the first transactions in Eastern Europe. These developments pave the way for a successful and sustainable future, both for clients and Loanboox.   

About Loanboox

The fintech Loanboox is Europe’s leading platform for debt financing and is represented in six countries. Four years after going live, the 20 billion mark in closed volume has been broken. Since its launch at the end of 2016, more than 1600 deals have been completed. Clients are municipalities, municipal companies and municipal utilities as borrowers, institutional investors and banks as capital providers. You can find more information about Loanboox here.

Contact details for questions

loanboox GmbH
Ralf von Cleef, Managing Director
Andrea Gazzetto, Marketing Communications Managerin
Neue Weyerstr9, 50676 Köln
0221 – 98654220, 

New budgetary crisis? – Communal finance report 2021 of the Bertelsmann-Stiftung

The Corona-Crisis in Germany had a massive impact on everyone, including communes. They needed a large financial assistance package from federal and state governments. The generated surplus is solely based on those aids. Without them, the biggest deficit in history would be standing in the budget books!

Meanwhile, the communal investments reached an all-time high. Whether or how these can be realized, is not predictable. Find out more.

The communal finance report published by the Bertelsmann Stiftung analyses, which financial burdens for communes arose during this crisis and what impact the governmental financing aides had.

Do you want more details? You can download the entire report from the Bertelsmann Stiftung for free.

Innovation Days: Playground and Pool of Ideas

Zwei Tage, sechs Arbeitsgruppen und jede Menge gute Ideen – das waren die Grundlagen für die Loanboox-internen “Innovation Days” bei denen vor allem eins im Mittelpunkt stand: Die Fremdfinanzierungs-Plattform für Kunden besser zu machen.

“Guys, I’m excited,” writes Loanboox Switzerland Managing Director Andi Burri in the shared chat of his working group. There is still half an hour until the workshop presentation. Together with four other colleagues, he has been working on the topic of “emotional design”, i.e. the question of where the financing platform could be used to better meet customers. To this end, the team has developed pop-up windows, created new buttons and revised e-mail notifications. Now they are putting the finishing touches to the slides, because of course they want to convince the others of their own ideas – after all, at the end of the “Innovation Days” a winner is to be chosen.

Have the courage to think “outside the box”.

The other five, cross-national groups also used the time to intensively deal with their respective focus topics. For example, how the financing process could really be thought through to the end completely digitally with a digital signature. And what advantages that would have for the customers. How to better connect platform users with each other or in which areas Loanboox could position itself more sustainably.

Loanboox Workshop Innovation Days

Creativity and inventiveness are remarkable, despite the spatial distance. And there are also the workshop-type pizza orgies – only at home in front of the screen. Much of what the staff developed over the two days will be implemented. Smaller but important quick wins, such as making the funding button on the platform easier to find or a new 404 error page, have already been implemented.

The winner takes it all? Nicht in diesem Fall

And who will win the race in the end? The team that shows the needs of potential investors with a unique presentation and demonstrates how the platform could be adapted accordingly. But the colleagues do not want to enjoy their success and the associated prize – a team event when the Covid 19 pandemic is over – alone, but share it with everyone.

That, too, is good teamwork.


If you want to learn more about Loanboox, click here.

Open market operations: How municipalities benefit from the ECB’s cash injection

Open market operations are among the most important instruments in the central banks’ toolbox – and they help with municipal financing. We talk about the background to this financial policy with Harald Endres, Head of Treasury at Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB).

The basic principle behind the ECB’s open market policy is actually quite simple: to provide banks and credit institutions with liquidity at very good conditions. But if you look at the details, the whole thing is a little more complicated. There are refinancing tenders, volume tenders and interest rate tenders. What is it all about? And how do borrowers – including municipalities – ultimately benefit from this financial policy?

Together with Harald Endres, Head of Treasury at DKB, we take a look at the history of open market operations and what role they play, for example, in the Corona crisis:

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