Loanboox 2023 with strong revenue growth and high traction in  real estate financing

Loanboox 2023 with strong revenue growth and high traction in real estate financing

Loanboox, a leading European platform for debt financing, continued its growth in 2023 and increased its revenues by +95% compared to the previous.

The Real Estate segment performed particularly well. Revenues generated in Switzerland,
Germany and France with commercial real estate financing and software-as-a-service increased by
more than 300 percent compared to the previous year. The Public and Near-Public segment also
continued to grow in Switzerland, France and Austria. Here, financings for hospitals, retirement
and nursing homes as well as energy and transport companies contributed to the good

We have successfully expanded our platform into the real estate segment, where we have seen
encouraging growth. We are satisfied with the past year and have continued our capital-efficient path, doubling revenues while reducing costs. We see great potential for 2024 to further drive the digitalization of debt financing,” explains Urs Meier, CEO of Loanboox.

Further growth across all segments in the core European markets is the main goal for 2024.

Real Estate: good traction in Switzerland, deals in Germany and France

Loanboox has been active in the Real Estate segment since 2022. Last year, the result achieved in this area already contributed 40 percent to the group’s total revenues. In 2023, a volume of more than CHF 400 million was transacted in Switzerland, Germany and France for projects in all property classes (residential, offices, commercial, hotels). The average loan size was CHF 15 million and the largest single transaction was CHF 60 million. In a challenging environment – with sharply rising interest rates and major uncertainties in the real estate sector – it has become clear that optimizing financing conditions, efficient financing processing through automated lender matching and active debt management are becoming increasingly important. With its brokerage services (refinancing, purchase financing and construction financing) and its software solution, Loanboox was able to generate significant added value for its customers.   

SaaS: rollout of debt management module

In 2023, the new Debt Management module, which enables debt portfolios to be easily analyzed
and managed, was significantly enhanced. Designed as software-as-a-service product, it is a 360°
solution for financial managers. Key features of the Debt Management module include portfolio
management and analysis, financial planning, market and scenario analysis, and covenant

Public finance: Position in Switzerland maintained

Loanboox has been a close partner of the public sector in Switzerland since 2016. In 2023, the
company confirmed its position as the leading digital financing platform for public borrowers
such as municipalities and cities. There was also an increase in financings for Near-Public
borrowers, for example in the healthcare, water and energy supply and transport sectors. In
total, more than 1’000 enquiries with a volume of over CHF 12 billion were processed in 2023 in the Public and Near-Public segment across all markets. The development of financing strategies,
the simulation of borrowing costs and portfolio analyses were particularly in demand. Loanboox
has transacted more than CHF 31 billion in volume across all business segments since the
company was founded. 


Swiss Fintech AG / Loanboox
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Urs Meier, CEO
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Loanboox Germany goes Real Estate Finance

Loanboox Germany goes Real Estate Finance

The leading debt financing platform Loanboox uses the experience from municipal debt financing and expands its product portfolio. The company now also offers its services to German real estate companies, funds and housing cooperatives. To this end, Loanboox welcomes the commercial real estate financing expert Julian Grimm to the German team.

To date, municipalities and large companies have concluded 2,700 loans with a volume of EUR 27 billion via the leading platform for financing. Due to the high demand, Loanboox is now also offering its services to real estate companies, funds and housing cooperatives in Germany. With its new offering, Loanboox combines the advantages of the digital platform (digital offer comparison, data room, efficient processes and expansion of the lender network) with professional, personal advice. The first transactions have already been completed in Switzerland in recent months.

The real estate financing expert Julian Grimm is strengthening the team as Head of Real Estate Financing. Julian Grimm previously worked as a real estate financing specialist at the x-bricks Group, CORESTATE Capital Group and TRIUVA Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (now PATRIZIA):

Portrait von Julian Grimm

“What I missed in my previous function as a real estate investor are simple, efficient and comprehensible processes for handling my large-volume commercial financing. That is exactly what Loanboox offers. That fascinates me. I look forward to supporting real estate companies with their financing in the future!”

Lenders appreciate the broad access to attractive financing options and the lean processes. In the digital data room, all documents and necessary information are available in one place and clearly summarized. This eliminates the multiple back and forths between borrowers and lenders. The fair communication and clear deadlines are a benefit for all parties.

Loanboox is open to partnerships with interested associations or organizations.

About Loanboox

Loanboox is the leading European debt financing platform for large issuers. For more information about Loanboox, click here.

Contact for questions

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Julian Grimm, Head of Real Estate Financing
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Strong growth in 2021 for Loanboox

The leading European debt financing platform Loanboox reports a strong business year 2021, with 700 closed deals and doubled revenues. The Fintech recorded the fastest growth in Germany and concluded its first deals in Eastern Europe.

Five years ago, Loanboox entered the market with the vision to make debt capital markets more efficient, transparent and fast. To date, municipalities, cities and large organisations closed 2’400 loans with a total volume of more than CHF 26 billion. These financings enable valuable projects for our societies, including renewable energy, renovation of hospital infrastructure or new kindergarten buildings. In 2021, the growing activity from users resulted in a doubling of the fintech’s revenues.

Internationalization speeding up

The Fintech’s internationalization strategy pays out: “We achieved the strongest growth by over 200% in Germany, where cities such as Mönchengladbach, Frankfurt or Königswinter profit from accessing money more quickly and at very competitive rates” comments Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox. Thanks to a new innovative product, the company also enabled first transactions in Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic in 2021.

Broadening of services

Apart from its international expansion, Loanboox is constantly innovating by creating automation and debt management tools as well as deeper analytics for its customers. The Fintech offers a broader service for borrowers, including debt planning and transaction support on large financings. 150 active lenders profit from digitalized processes, data insights and from a lean co-creation of new products.

Strengthened advisory board

To support the strong growth journey of the company, Loanboox strengthens its advisory board. Frank Mattern, former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company and independent advisor and board member at various international companies (e.g. Morgan Stanley Europe SE and Centerbridge Partners Europe), reinforces the team with his extensive experience and network.

About Loanboox

Loanboox is the leading European platform for debt financing for professional organizations and a member of the business community Leaders for Climate Action. More information about Loanboox, see here.

Contact persons

Philippe Cayrol, CEO
Martina Bühler, CMO
Talacker 50, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland  
+41 55 220 78 29,

From 0 to 23 billion in 5 years

A start-up that broke new ground by digitising municipal lending in Germany is celebrating its 5th anniversary: Loanboox. With 23  billion euros in closedfinancings in seven countries, the financing platform started off successfully and is rapidly developing its offerings further.

Since its launch in 2016 in Zurich as a platform for municipal finance, borrowers have completed more than 2,100 transactions with a volume of 23 billion euros in seven countries. A team of 40 employees serves 3,000 registered municipalities, cities, public institutions, large companies as well as institutional investors and banks and is rapidly developing the platform.  

“The high demand shows the need for efficient debt capital markets,” comments Philippe Cayrol, CEO of Loanboox. “In 2021, we enabled the creation and expansion of municipal infrastructure, such as kindergartens and school buildings, broadband expansion and road construction. It makes us proud to make the debt capital markets easier and faster for all market participants, while contributing in a small way to tomorrow’s society.” 

The idea behind Loanboox was radical and bold: to create a digital marketplace for large loans. Borrowers submit their loan requests online, professional investors bid on them – saving time and creating transparency. ”The largest requests so far are 450 million euros. As the business matures, we are also seeing an increasing rush from very established borrowers” adds Cayrol.  


A lot has happened since the first days. Loanboox has developed automation and analysis tools for its clients. Advisory services such as financing planning and support for more complex mandates complement the services. 150 active capital providers benefit from more efficient processes, data insights and co-development of new products.  

In the last 6 months, the company has celebrated a number of firsts on its platform: The first sustainable loan, the first secured financing and the first transactions in Eastern Europe. These developments pave the way for a successful and sustainable future, both for clients and Loanboox.   

About Loanboox

The fintech Loanboox is Europe’s leading platform for debt financing and is represented in six countries. Four years after going live, the 20 billion mark in closed volume has been broken. Since its launch at the end of 2016, more than 1600 deals have been completed. Clients are municipalities, municipal companies and municipal utilities as borrowers, institutional investors and banks as capital providers. You can find more information about Loanboox here.

Contact details for questions

loanboox GmbH
Ralf von Cleef, Managing Director
Andrea Gazzetto, Marketing Communications Managerin
Neue Weyerstr9, 50676 Köln
0221 – 98654220, 

Successful 2020 for Loanboox despite Covid-19

Quadrupled closing volume compared to 2019

The platform for debt financing looks back on a successful business year. The fintech recorded the strongest growth in Germany with a quadrupled annual closing volume of 2.2 billion euros. An important building block for the result was the introduction of the innovative online product “Direktdarlehen”.  

Despite volatile conditions, financing with a total volume of EUR 7 billion was concluded via Loanboox in 2020 – 2.2 billion of which in Germany alone. In the German market, the debt financing platform has thus quadrupled its closing volume. The number of loan enquiries increased by 200 percent compared to the previous year. The positive growth trend from 2019 was successfully continued. 

Corona and the impact on the municipal lending business t 

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, the demand for fixed cash loans to secure short-term liquidity increased strongly. The new solution for taking out and granting municipal liquidity loans, developed together with Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), has taken up this need: 43 municipalities were able to secure favourable conditions for their liquidity thanks to “online direct loans” and benefited from a significant simplification of processes. In spring 2020 alone, more than EUR 1 billion in loan volumes were processed via the platform.  

Logging on to the site became a daily ritual in many combing offices to check interest rate conditions. Customers also benefited from the fact that almost all financing steps can be processed digitally – even from the home office. The platform proved itself in the crisis period and was a solid financing partner for large cities as well as for districts, smaller cities and municipalities. 

Early summer brings back the lenders

On the investor side, the crisis caused restraint in March and early April. Individual banks withdrew their liquidity from the money market altogether, savings banks even took in cash investments at plus interest rates. In both the money and capital markets, the number of offers for municipalities declined. From mid-April, the situation eased again: interest rates returned to their historically low level – even slightly below those before the Corona crisis – and so did the number of offers for municipalities.  

About Loanboox

The fintech Loanboox is Europe’s leading platform for debt financing and is represented in six countries. Four years after going live, the 20 billion mark in closed volume has been broken. Since its launch at the end of 2016, more than 1600 deals have been completed. Customers are municipalities, municipal enterprises and municipal utilities as borrowers, institutional investors and banks as capital providers. 

Contact information for questions

loanboox GmbH
Ralf von Cleef, Geschäftsführer
Andrea Gazzetto, Marketing Communications Managerin
Neue Weyerstr9, 50676 Köln
0221 – 98654220, 

Interest rates and inflation – Daniel Stelter’s economic forecast

Interest rates and inflation – Daniel Stelter’s economic forecast

How do cities and municipalities get through the Corona crisis? What do capital providers and investors need to be successful? And what advantages does digitalisation bring? In the loanboox.asks. series, we talk to experts about topics like these. Daniel Stelter kicks off our audio talks.

The forecasts for 2021 are mixed. On the one hand, highs on the stock market – on the other hand, dampened economic expectations due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. And on top of that, central banks are pumping massive amounts of money into the markets and keeping interest rates low. We talked to the economic expert and author Daniel Stelter in loanboox.asks. about how all this is connected. He says:

The economic consequences of the Corona crisis will keep us busy for a very long time.

Listen to his assessments in the following audio:

Niedrigzins und Inflation - ein Ausblick auf 2021 mit Daniel Stelter

by Simone Franzke

About the person:

Daniel Stelter is a macroeconomist, strategy consultant and author. In his podcast “Think beyond the obvious” he looks behind the scenes of economic and financial policy and explains important connections.

No time to listen to the audio now? Then simply download the article.