New release is live!

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Borrow, Insights, Invest

New release: Chat feature, non-binding offers, information on partner services and many other features.

In countless contacts with customers and partners, we receive valuable input on how we can further develop Loanboox and make it even more user-friendly. We thank you very much for that. The implementation of these customer needs was also the focus in this release, among others, the following features were newly implemented:

  • Chat function on the platform: To ensure an even more uncomplicated exchange, direct communication among all platform participants is now possible.
  • Spread-based fixed interest rate offers: In order to better take into account longer decision-making processes and non-binding offers, financing based on a reference interest rate (e.g. the ICAP Midswap) plus spread are made possible. The reference interest rate can be defined in advance so that only the spread has to be specified when an offer is made.
  • Disbursement period:The borrower may request a period of gradual disbursement of his credit, depending on his needs. Thus, this disbursement period provides flexibility as it allows the loan to be used according to the progress of the investment program. Loanboox offers the possibility to request a revolving capacity on this disbursement period, to better manage the borrower’s cash flow.
  • Non-binding offers: It is now possible that investors can offer non-binding offers to better respond to the borrowers’ expectations. This option allows for more competitive offers, thus avoiding the borrower having to pay the cost for interest rate risks.
  • Information about partner services: To offer you the best service, we work with more and more partners. So that you do not lose the overview, the partner services are now clearly displayed in a list.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future to make debt capital markets more accessible, efficient and transparent.


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