Zwei Tage, sechs Arbeitsgruppen und jede Menge gute Ideen – das waren die Grundlagen für die Loanboox-internen “Innovation Days” bei denen vor allem eins im Mittelpunkt stand: Die Fremdfinanzierungs-Plattform für Kunden besser zu machen.

“Guys, I’m excited,” writes Loanboox Switzerland Managing Director Andi Burri in the shared chat of his working group. There is still half an hour until the workshop presentation. Together with four other colleagues, he has been working on the topic of “emotional design”, i.e. the question of where the financing platform could be used to better meet customers. To this end, the team has developed pop-up windows, created new buttons and revised e-mail notifications. Now they are putting the finishing touches to the slides, because of course they want to convince the others of their own ideas – after all, at the end of the “Innovation Days” a winner is to be chosen.

Have the courage to think “outside the box”.

The other five, cross-national groups also used the time to intensively deal with their respective focus topics. For example, how the financing process could really be thought through to the end completely digitally with a digital signature. And what advantages that would have for the customers. How to better connect platform users with each other or in which areas Loanboox could position itself more sustainably.

Loanboox Workshop Innovation Days

Creativity and inventiveness are remarkable, despite the spatial distance. And there are also the workshop-type pizza orgies – only at home in front of the screen. Much of what the staff developed over the two days will be implemented. Smaller but important quick wins, such as making the funding button on the platform easier to find or a new 404 error page, have already been implemented.

The winner takes it all? Nicht in diesem Fall

And who will win the race in the end? The team that shows the needs of potential investors with a unique presentation and demonstrates how the platform could be adapted accordingly. But the colleagues do not want to enjoy their success and the associated prize – a team event when the Covid 19 pandemic is over – alone, but share it with everyone.

That, too, is good teamwork.


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