White paper on municipal finance

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Borrow, Invest

Digital municipal finance: advantages through the use of a digital platform

The procurement of loans by local authorities, special-purpose associations and their own and public enterprises is characterised by traditionally grown analogue structures. Up to now, the financial requirements of the municipalities have been transmitted manually by email, fax or telephone to a few, regionally connected financial institutions, and the most economical offer is selected from the individual offers. The process is inefficient and non-transparent.

FinTechs like Loanboox simplify the municipal loan procurement process with their online-based financing platforms. Learn in our whitepaper how you can use digital platforms to find the ideal finance partner for your financing.

The following questions are answered in the whitepaper:

    • How does a digital funding tender work??


    • What added value do platforms offer municipalities?


    • What should be considered with regard to volumes and maturities?


    • What documents do I need for financing?



Are you interested in the white paper?

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