Does your municipality or company need to finance its debt?


On the debt capital market platform Loanboox, borrowers can set up their loan request in just a few minutes by inserting the required amount, duration and repayment modalities. Registered investors can then submit their offers.

If the borrower accepts one of the received offers, the loan will be concluded digitally.

Your successful deal is only 4 steps away

Borrowers can submit their financing request free of charge and without obligation.

Investors check the inquiries and submit their offers.

Borrowers decide on one offer or a combination of different offers.

Upon completion of the transaction, both sides conclude the contract directly on the platform.

Why Loanboox?

Simple and direct

  • Easy tendering process
  • Completely digital process
  • Diversification of the lender portfolio
  • Integration of subsidies


  • Transparent comparison of received offers
  • Audit-proof final documentation
  • Loanboox is independent

Favourable and non-binding

  • Attractive interest rates, thanks to more than 450 investors from 6 countries
  • Costs only incur upon successful completion


  • Access to the platform is protected by 2-factor authentication
  • Programming & development of the platform; in-house in Switzerland

Who could be your next investor?

Our reference customers

More than 600 borrowers from all across Germany trust Loanboox.



Head of the finance & controlling department,
City of Königswinter

"Good care and support. We took out an investment loan at an excellent interest rate."

Markus Stoff

Department of finance,
City of Heimbach

"I was particularly impressed by the personal and comprehensive support. Loanboox stands out from other brokers and credit institutions."

Marcus berghaus

Business director,
Velbert, public utility company 

"After the highly successful conclusion of our broadband financing, we can very well imagine operating primarily via online credit market platforms in the future."


Department of controlling & finance,
Lutherstadt Wittenberg

"I am highly satisfied with my deal on Loanboox. The process is simple, the personal support was very good and I was able to cover my financing needs quickly and easily."

Martin Denkinger

Head Financing & Cash Management,
Axpo Services AG

"Loanboox enables us to more broadly diversify the investments of our liquidity position at Group level and our borrowings for our partner plants."

Jochen Haas

Chief Financial Officer,
Landkreis Göppingen

"The Loanboox platform enabled me to address my financing request to a wide range of lenders. In this way, we were able to obtain suitable financing offers with good interest rates."

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