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Through Loanboox, investors have access to financing requests from over 2000 borrowers – local, regional and European. These include municipalities,public-sector related organisations, municipal utility companies and large companies.

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Country, Region



Syndicate FR, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 1y EUR 0.5 Mio.
Municipality CH, Western Switzerland 1-2m CHF 1.2 Mio.
Town/City DE, Lower-saxony 1m EUR 2 Mio.
Municipality CH, Western Switzerland 3-5y CHF 3 Mio.
Association DE, Saxony 8-10y EUR 4 Mio.
Municipality CH, German-speaking Switzerland 1-3y CHF 5 Mio.
Bathing facility DE, Hesse 20-25y EUR 7 Mio.
Town/City CH, German-speaking Switzerland 3m CHF 25 Mio.
Social housing FR, Île-de-France 25y EUR 30 Mio.
Hospital CH, German-speaking Switzerland 6-9m CHF 35 Mio.



Only 4 steps to your successful investment

Investors see the financing requests displayed on the platform, or are informed according to their filter rules.

Based on the documents provided, investors can check the inquiries and submit an offer, with their own loan agreements if required.

After expiry of the offer acceptance period, investors will be notified.

Upon completion, both sides conclude the contract on the platform.

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  • Easy access to financing requests
  • Completely digital tendering process
  • Diversification of the borrower portfolio


  • Transparent market overview
  • Digital documentation
  • Loanboox is independent

Low-cost and non-binding

  • Loanboox is completely free of charge for investors


  • Access to the platform is protected by 2-factor authentication
  • Programming & development of the platform is in-house in Zurich

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